2 Stage Rotary Juice Screening System

While addressing to the core issue of higher quantities of fine bagasse fibres entering into process house as reported by good number of factories more particularly over a period of last few seasons it was decided to conduct a series of tests and trials with the active participation and cooperation of those factories where the situation was found to be of seriously alarming nature.
Examples in sugar industry for stage wise operation could be cited as; three stages of A, B and C massecuite pan boiling are required to crystallize maximum sugar from syrup / mother liquor. Similarly in order to extract maximum sugar from sugar cane the milling tandem comprises of 4 to 5 mills as “stages”. Likewise due to 'increasing tendency of fine powder-like formation of cane fibre & it has now become necessary to separate these fibre particles in two stages, initially “coarse separation” followed by “fine separation”.



1st Stage Rotary Juice Screen
  • This is the one which already exists at a standard milling tandem.
  • The unscreened mixed juice from mills is collected into existing unscreened mixed juice receiving tank and pumped to the first stage Rotary Juice Screen fitted with 0.5 mm wedge bar opening. The bagasse separated from 1st stage Rotary Juice Screen is discharged into the rake carrier and screened mixed juice from 1st stage Rotary Juice Screen is delivered to 2nd stage Rotary Juice Screen.
2nd Stage Rotary Juice Screen
  • This Rotary Juice Screen is provided with screen drum having wedge bar opening of 0.35 mm.
  • Screened mixed juice from 2nd stage Rotary Juice Screen is discharged into existing screened mixed juice receiving tank and pumped for onward juice clarification process. The additional bagasse separated at 2nd stage screen is also discharged into the rake carrier.
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