Filtrate Clarification System

We strongly believe that the fundamental principle of any Filtrate Clarification System should be that “the clarified filtrate should go directly to evaporator” without requiring any intermediate stage of say micro filtration. This should be further accomplished by following advantages, which are indeed achieved only by using our “Sedimentation” process.

  • 1. The clarity of clear juice resulting from filtrate clarifier is of superior nature free from any suspended particles and having a ICUMSA colour value quite comparable with clear juice resulting from main juice clarifier.
  • 2. The purity rise from filtrate to clear juice is found in the range of 2 to 3 units.
  • 3. No increase in CaO content from Filtrate Juice to Clear Juice. In fact there is a reduction in CaO content as observed at our other installations.
  • 4. The mud resulting from clarifier is found to be quite compact and the thick mud is observed resulting into better performance at vacuum filter.
  • 5. Due to separate treatment of filtrate considerable reduction in re-circulation of sugar as well as non-sugar is observed.
  • 6. Increase in the capacity of existing clarifier to the extent of 10 to 12% was observed.
  • 7. Increase in boiling house recovery due to increase in purity from filtrate juice to clarified filtrate juice.
  • 8. Improvement in colour value of sugar as good amount of coloured non sugars get precipitated at filtrate clarifier.
  • 9. Independent of any specialized proprietary chemicals because the process needs only conventional chemicals which are available at any sugar factory.
  • 10. As practically observed at our other installations, the keeping quality of the sugar found to be improved.

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