Rotary Juice Screen

Continuous juice screening is effected on a welded wedge bar type screen in a form of a cylindrical drum mounted in horizontal position with appropriate slope towards non-drive end. Unlike in case of stationary parabolic screen the entire screening area provided in the rotary screen is fully utilized and hence maximum screening efficiency is achieved. The dynamic movement of screen allows utilization of smaller size wedge bar opening for removal of bagacillo particle from mill juice. The diameter, the length of the screen, the speed of the rotating screen and its inclination are suitably designed to facilitate complete drainage of juice. Maximum juice is removed in the first 30% section of the screen and the balance de- watering takes place in the remaining 70% of screening area. Special design feature of automatic timer operated intermittent cleaning of the screen by application of hot water through flat cone nozzles ensures clean screen surface throughout the operation period without stoppage of the R.J.S.



Most modestly and humbly we are proud to mention that right from the inception we are top in Rotary Juice Screen installations and have so far supplied more than 600 units, highest in the world from one single source corporate company. The client network covers entire India and exports to various cane sugar producing countries all over world. In addition to our direct supply to Sugar factories we regularly supply Rotary Juice Screens to various full sugar plant OEMs. We have supplied Rotary Juice Screen to handle crushing capacity of 500 TPD upto 12,000 TPD plants. Smaller size Rotary Juice Screen of any desired capacity can be supplied to cater the needs of Jaggery plants, mini sugar plants



The unscreened juice containing suspended solid particles comprising fine and coarse bagasse particles enters continuously from drive end of the drum through a distributor. The screened juice is collected in the sloping half cylindrical shape bottom trough for quick removal of screened juice to screened juice receiving tank. The solid mass keeps on rolling on the wedge bar screen during its forward movement towards discharge end, the remaining juice is also drained away leaving the solid mass on the screen which is discharged to cane /bagasse blanket by gravity. The automatic washing system is operated through digital timer with 1 minute to 99 minute 'ON Time' and 1 minute 99 minute 'OFF Time' and cleaning of Rotary Juice Screen is carried out without stoppage.

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