Hot Limed / Sulphited Juice Screening System

Data collected over last almost 20 years revealed that there is certain limitation on removal of cane fibre using Rotary Juice Screens installed at milling station. For further separation of fibre adopting much lesser opening the natural advantage of increase in fibre particle size when screened raw juice from mills is subjected to heating and good reduction of viscosity was considered as key point to develop a new rotary juice screening technology for screening of hot raw juice, normally heated to 75 – 80 oC, prior to liming and sulphitation. This totally closed Rotary Juice Screen being located in between SO2 absorption tower and juice sulphiter operates on gravity-flow principle. Adequately insulated Rotary Juice Screen has shown very negligible temperature drop.
Fibre content of juice was analyzed using ICUMSA Method GS7-13 (1994) and following are the findings, as per P.S.D.
Screened raw juice from mills : 1700 - 2000 PPM = 1.7 to 2.0 g/l
Screened hot raw juice : 200 - 300 PPM = 0.2 to 0.3 g/l
To get best out of this unique technology specifically to suit individual typical sugar factory site conditions we offer expert technical advice from our senior Sugar Technologist.

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