Suviron’s Low Retention Time Juice Clarifier

We are pioneer in designing and manufacturing low retention time juice clarifier having 35 nos. of Suviron's Low Retention Time Clarifiers to our credit including 4 nos. exported. A special distinct design feature of our SLRTC is the peripheral feed down take with concentrically located clear juice take off launders. This allows a more streamlined well guided juice and mud flow pattern without causing any short circuiting and turbulence across any section of SLRTC. Turndown ratio is best achieved 0 to 50%.



We also undertake conversion of existing conventional clarifiers to SLRTC. We offer the complete package of SLRTC with process automation in respect of stabilized flow, Auto pH control, Auto temperature control at sulphited / defecated juice heater and automatic dosing of polymer proportionate to juice flow rate.

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